Dec 5, 2013

The Lure of Collecting, Purse Division


I was born a collector. Or trained to be one, I am not sure. The encouragement to collect started so young, I can't remember not collecting small objects. Stones, leaves, bird feathers. Then there were coins and dolls, tiny doll house furniture, then celluloid hair combs, then folding fans, then vintage clothing. Then Rookwood pottery, modern craft pottery and glass, glass paperweights, etc., etc. Plus books. I think if I had had the wherewithal, I could have been dangerous. 

Some of these collections have faded, and some are gone altogether. But there is a lure to accumulating like objects. Perhaps it's the story they tell. Perhaps it's just the satisfaction of living with them for a time. I think if I had had the wherewithal,

This is a long winded way of saying I had a brief period of accumulating vintage purses. The small evening purses really attracted me. Silver, brocade, even beads. Yes, just another addictive activity! I must say they make a great collectible. Attractive, small in size, lightweight  and easy to store compared to the 1880 bustle dresses I had in boxes.  

So I am happy to have these two to add to our choices at Past Perfect Vintage. The first is a small compact purse. These small party purses really only had room for a few small coins and bills. They had a spot for face powder, and this one has a celluloid panel for writing notes in pencil. But the pencil would have to be stored elsewhere! The German mesh bag is actually a hair more practical. Although the mesh would outline the contents, there's room for a small lipstick, coins, bills, maybe even a drivers license, and a key. Not a key ring, you understand, or a modern car key with push button unlock, but just a metal key.
 Antique 1910s Teens  Silver Compact Purse
Antique 1910s Teens  German Silver Mesh Purse
Both  currently available at Past Perfect Vintage

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