Dec 2, 2013

The Allure of 1920s Cut Velvet

A few years ago, back in the 90s, was it? cut velvet chiffon came back in fashion after a very long absence. I realized how wonderful it was. Then as I found more and more 1920s and 30s dresses in it, I realized how wonderful it had always been. What a shame we did without it for so long. It wasn't best suited to the cuts and styles of the 60s and 70s, but still - surely we could have worn it in scarves and wraps? The scope for intricate pattern design is enormous, and I am very into the contrast of the sheer chiffon and the pile velvet. Then when you add beading, as this 1920s tunic set does, well, you have a trifecta. 
This is another of our fall Brimfield finds I saved for the holidays. The underdress is a slip top with silk satin skirt. The tunic top is cut velvet with matching sash belt. The beading outlined an almost tropical floral pattern at the wrist, sash ends and the wide hem of the tunic. I can imagine the top over a contrast camisole and shirt or pants. Can you?
 1920s Art Deco Vintage Tunic Evening Dress in Beaded Cut Velvet SZ S

Now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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