Dec 12, 2013

Nat Tuman. Inc.

Nat Tuman is on of those labels you see a lot when searching the internet. Or at least I do. So today I got curious and had the time, so I did a little hunting. Now  some people call this a designer label. A few call it rare. I can't say I would go that far.  I am not even sure there was an actual person named Nat Tuman. There was a Nat Tuman, Inc. registered in both California and New York at 498 7th Ave., NYC. But I sure didn't find too much actual information. The references I did see were a few dry business listings, from 1956 to 1965. And a reference to the company as a maker of women's and petites dresses. From the number of dresses available today, I'd say they were prolific and popularly priced. Not cheap, 7th Ave. wasn't usually cheap. But nice quality and design at a middle range price point. But I sure think this was an invented name, not a person.

This is the dress that got me hunting the label down. It's a nice dress - good weight fabric, generously cut skirt, with applied velvet bands that took some skill to accomplish. A good value dress, one a gal could wear a lot with different belts and accessories. Pretty perfect for the holidays.

And if anyone knows more about Nat Tuman, let me know!

Update: there was a Nat Tuman, and he was listed as the Vice President in 1957 and 1958,with Anita Tuman as the Prresident in 1957. And Nat as the President in 1965. That's a start!

1950s Vintage Party Dress in Black Taffeta & Velvet by Nat Tuman SZ S/M

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