Dec 6, 2013

Musings on Vintage Velvet

I have always been a fan of deep hued velvets. It's a liking fashioned by the era I grew up in. What can I say? We are all products of our times and environments. Forest green, chocolate brown, navy blue, and wine red velvets were all around, especially at Christmas and New Year's Day. Usually with cream lace, or rhinestones, or even satin. It came to mean holidays, parties, dressing up and happy times. And I have learned that a love of texture and color transcends era.

However, I grew up hearing how dowdy the styles of the 1930s were, spoken by women who  had lived through the decade. That certainly has not been my experience as we hunt for vintage clothing. I find wonderful, attractive things form the 30s and this dress is a case for Not Dowdy. It's got design appeal, contrast, neat details and the skirt hugs the figure with diagonal seaming. The collar isn't what we would see now on a modern mall store dress, but that's what makes vintage fun. It's unique.
1930s Art Deco Vintage Chocolate Brown Velvet Dress SZ S

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mamafrog said...

The 30's were dowdy in one respect--if you couldn't afford the showier dresses that were fashionable in larger cities. Not so much the Hollywood style or New York style, but what women in smaller towns or farming communities wore, Plain day dresses (work was messy) or office clothes, generally small patterns or dark colors so dirt didn't show and you could wear them several years. I know suits were popular from what I've seen in catalogs. and pictures of the women in my family were mostly dark skirts with lighter blouses. I'm from the farming areas in Oklahoma and you would still see women wearing the same things in the 40's and 50's, with the addition of more printed dresses by the late 50's. I grew up in the early 60's and the neon colors were far more interesting!