Dec 17, 2013

Deisgner du Jour: Ann Fleischer

Ann Fleischer

1950s Rose Pink Ribbon Knit Skirt Set by
Ann Fleischer SZ M/L

Ann Fleischer, born in Vienna, Austria, came to the US in 1941. Press coverage for her work is found from 1953 – 1966. She specialized in ribbon knits, hand knits and trims, expanding into men’s ties as well by 1953. Fleischer’s collections were sold in Neiman Marcus, Frost Bros., Bullock’s Wilshire, Woolf Bros, and Saks 5th Ave. By 1964, she was referred to as “world famous”. Fleischer worked from her studio and workshop, with showrooms on 57th in NYC.
From the January 1, 1958  Palm Beach News: “Fleischer studied art in Europe, got interested in crafts and was soon applying the whole to extending the boundaries of knit and crochet designing. The ribbons and materials used by Miss Fleischer are all manufactured for her and the dresses made in her New York workshop." And from The Farmington Enterprise, 4/9/1953: "Designer Anne Fleischer has done a whole group of these fashions on a knitted theme, even combining them with classic cashmeres in some instances. She has used monotone or multicolored tweed-ribbon collars, cuffs and belts on cashmere sweaters and matched this trim to woven-ribbon skirts and jackets". She also used “linen yarn crocheted in an Irish lace pattern and used as a dress-top with hand loomed linen skirt.”

Her garments were touted for travel wear as they did not wrinkle or crush. She designed day, evening and looks to segue between the two.  
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