Nov 1, 2013

Three Decades of Pretty Black Dresses

When I sit down to write these posts, I am always blank. Then a Theme will present itself. Three dresses, all black , three decades. Progressing from skimming the body to hugging the body to reshaping the torso with boning. And not one is a Little Black Dress. 

The 1920s beaded gown is a heavy black georgette with silver mercury bugle beads in an all over pattern using the voided areas to create a large scroll design. The back of the dress forma a floating panel below the waist over a georgette liner. I really should have taken before and after shots of this one. After securing every long strand of hanging beads and scrounging every mercury silver bugle bead I could,( thank you Geena!), I think I spent about 15 hours  stitching them on. The dress itself was fine, so it was worth the effort!  It really does shimmer. And on a side note, when you see 1920s beaded dresses offered with the beading intact, odds are extremely high someone has put in a lot of effort to replace missing beads. That's part of why these are pricey, and why they are worth it.

  1920s Black Chiffon and Mercury Silver Beaded Dress with Scroll Pattern SZ L

Now there is nothing "little" about this late 30s, likely 1936-39, black crepe dress. It's a halter with back straps with wide bands of pave sequins on both the empire waist line and around the curving edge of the crepe jacket . The modified leg-o" mutton sleeves with long points over the hands are pretty darn dramatic.  

1930s Vintage Black Crepe Halter Evening Dress and Jacket with Sequins SZ S-M

And last, a seamstress made 1940s strapless dress in a pink and mint green ribbon strip taffeta and black net over taffeta skirt. The drape over the boned bodice is nicely done, as is the matching net stole. The stripe swirling down the overskirt is unusually placed. But it's all of a piece. 
 1940s Vintage Strapless Evening Gown with Striped Bodice SZ XS

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