Nov 10, 2013

1940s and 1950s Vintage Suits in November

People tell me ladies don't buy suits. But we certainly keep selling vintage suits, so something is up. I think it's because the silhouette of 1940s and 1950s ladies suits was and still is, very flattering. 'Tailored, yet feminine' as a recent acquaintance told me. The fabric quality is excellent and the construction is amazing and just isn't available in today's retail market. The attention to inventive detail is also remarkable. So I bring you three recent additions in the blue range to Past Perfect Vintage.    

From left to right: a 1940s navy blue gabardine suit, a late 40s - 50s slate blue wool suit with inset blue contrast and an ice blue 1950s Suit by Zelinka*Matlick

You can see the shift in shoulder and armhole cut here, too.  And then , just to shake it up a bit, a 1960s two piece coat and dress set from a top label of the decade, Originala. The same can be said for this set as the previous suits - the fabric is super and the construction is top of the line, with silk lining, handset zippers, bound buttonholes and perfect stitching.
1960s Red Wool Dress & Coat Set By Originala SZ M

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Louise said...

I love love love vintage suits. I wear one most days. Yes, I may well be the only person there in a suit, but I don't care. They are flattering, easy to wear and are infinitely more dressed up that jeans/leggings and a top.
I also really love that red dress and coat- the dress/coat combo is another favourite of mine and this one is so nice.