Oct 28, 2013

Back at Last with 68 years of Fashion

At long last, I am back. A two week vacation, a week under the weather and a design project will eat the time, I must say. We did just add a lot of new inventory to Past Perfect Vintage. I already blogged about the great Helen Bond Carruthers cardigan we have now, so let's look at the Victorian and Edwardian pieces. 

First up - accessories. This micro bead purse in strong colors is form my personal collection, and dates to the mid 19th Century. I am think 1850s - 60s. It's in great condition, and the colors are vibrant. Then we have a adorable folding carriage parasol in electric blue silk satin and black Chantilly lace. The handle is bone, and the white china silk lining is intact. It's a lovely piece.


Now, the garments. First, a black Chantilly lace capelet or mantlelet , late 19th Century, probably 1880s - 1890s. This is nicely sized, with wide bell sleeves, a loose body, shaped hemline and pleated chiffon ties. And it's surprisingly crisp and lightweight. Next, a c. 1904 black and white silk print dress with shirring galore and lace appliques. And last, a c.1918 cream chiffon wedding dress with silk satin waist sash, ribbon trims and lace insets. This is as soft and romantic a dress as you will find from that era.

All currently available at Past Perfect Vintage

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