Aug 28, 2013

Vintage Accessories - A Selection

When I started down the long, long path of becoming a collectors of Vintage Clothing, I started with accessories. Hats, combs, fans,shoes, a few purses.
They are small, easy to display and store.The purses make great conversation starters  if they are sturdy enough to use. And the shoes - those tiny size 4s very few can wear? They look beautiful on display. In the intervening years I have seen walls of hats and cases of purses.I myself had two cases of hair combs. And I have heard tell of garages filled with thousands of hats, though I cannot say I have been a witness. And I must say, compared to storing and displaying a 1885 bustle dress, these are a piece of cake.  And if you move a lot the way I did long ago, these are portable!

Accessories are the entry drug to a life of collecting clothing.  

Teens Straw Hat with Dyed Ostrich Plumes & 1920s Wool Brocade Hand Bag Purse
 1930s Vintage Silver Lame D’Orsay T Strap Evening Shoes
 Vintage 1940s Black Sequin Percher Hat &
 1940s Black Doeskin Leather Hat with Coque Feathers

All new in August and currently available at Past Perfect Vintage

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