Aug 18, 2013

Vintage Treasures from a Private Collection

One of the great things about dealing in Antique and Vintage clothing is the variety. I have only sold the same dress once. Another is the connections one makes with clients. Some like to wear the clothes, others are theatre designers, and a lot are collectors. I have been very fortunate that a long time customer and friend called me when it came time to weed out a rather large collection. We have been working together on this for 2 years now. As a result I have gotten to handle some really wonderful pieces. Designer labels from as early as the Teens, evening gowns, hats & shoes, dresses, and coats all from wide range of eras. All selected with an eye for design, detail and quality. It's been great. For example, all of the garments in this post are new to the webshop and they all came from this collection.  
L. 1890s Victorian French Couture Silk Cape in Faille and

Lace  by E. Pasquilier, & R. 1920s Black Satin Vintage  Dress with Deco Inspired Green and Gold Accents 
How often will I ever handle a rare c. 1912 Agnes suit? Or a French cape from the 1890s? A 1948 Dior dress? In the last 20 years, I've sold over 2300 dresses, more than 800 hats plus loads of coats, accessories, blouses,sweaters, menswear, etc. The vast majority of these are examples I will only see once. I try to really look at them while I can, see what makes them special, and then let them go on to appreciative homes.  

But as a former collector myself ( I had to choose to devote space either to inventory or collections,which was very hard) I still rather envy the collectors out there who devote themselves to the effort! 
L.,Teens Lace Blouse with Celadon Green Silk Ribbon,
 R., 19th Century Chinese Rust Toned Silk Cut Velvet Vest  
1900s Victorian Wide Brimmed Black Straw Hat 

all currently available at Past Perfect Vintage

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