Aug 29, 2013

The Best Egyptian Revival Beaded Tunic!

The only way this 1920s Egyptian Revival Tunic could be better is if it was beaded in full range of colors. Granted, I am a sucker for Egyptian Revival, whether it's inspired by 19th Century inspired by Napoleon or 1920s inspired by King Tut's tomb.  It isn't that common in fashion. More so in decorative arts and architecture. I have had a sterling silver lorgnette, and silver purse, a brocade purse that just sold last month, and a few hair combs along the way, but this tunic now takes the top position. The cut and design are very simple - a straight tunic top with short front and long scalloped hem back. I do wonder what it was worn with. The front may have been shortened, but if so, it was done quite some time ago and quite well.

It's the pictorial design of the beading that  gets me. There's just so many motifs. Pharaohs,priests, queens, scenic hieroglyphics, vultures in many poses, even owls, bees and pigs? Plus cartouches and scroll patterns. Love it.  I think it would work today with skinny pants or even a mini skirt, depending on the shoes, of course.    


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Unknown said...

I clearly haven't been keeping up with your blog lately, 'cause I've missed some goodies!

Even though I am a vegetable-dyed-in-the-Fortuny-pleated-silk Edwardian / Titanic Era / Great War fanatic, this tunic hits my WOW button. Combination of amazing beadwork, and nostalgia for my former career goal of becoming an archaeologist.