Jul 13, 2013

Your Vintage Pretty of the Day

Your Vintage Pretty for the Day:

  A Carmel design...Mandarin length coat of Forstmann wool. Shades of Victory in Allied Tones...

Since this 1944 ad is in black and white, I wonder what the Allied tones were? Khaki? Forstmann was high quality wool, and was advertised heavily. I find a lot of tailored garments with the Forstmann fabric label. They had quite a marketing campaign for a fabric.The kind of publicity one would expect for a designer line.
 "A five o'clock ensemble by Howard Greer" 

This 1947 dress and jacket set was in jet and cyclamen crepe. Howard Greer was a prominent California film designer who made the shift to fashion design.The slim fit is really set off by the severe wide brim hat. For more on Howard Greer:  Vintage Fashion Guild: Fashion History  and FIDM Museum

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