Jul 9, 2013

Let's Talk 50s.

So let's talk. The 1950s have been in demand for quite some time amongst the vintage people. I saw it really get going in the late 70s and early 1980s, when longer fuller skirts came back in style, along with belted waists. Plus it was 30 years old then, ( my parents wore this!) and that's old enough for nostalgia, i.e. Grease.  And then there's James Dean. And Elvis. And rockabilly. And Viva Las Vegas. And Marilyn, and Audrey.......and all the other film stars whose names are now used as search keywords, whether appropriate or not in order to come up on ebay and etsy searches. 

And a lot of women look good in it. The full skirt silhouette is forgiving of the hips and thighs, while the pencil skirt works for those who can do it. Plus it's a feminine look with a lot of bust emphasis. So I understand the appeal. It's also a time when American designers were really taking off in the public consciousness, so there are some very well made and nicely designed pieces available.

The 1950s may not be at the very front of the vintage line right now - the 1920s seem to be hotter, and the 30s and 40s are strong. But it's a decade that has staying power. And here it is in pink and blue.


 Cuban 1950s Embroidered Petal Pink Linen Dress & 1950s Beaded Pink Faille Dress & Jacket Set by Todd Bros. 


 1950sSweet White and Blue Paisley Acrylic Cardigan Sweater & 1950s Cornflower Blue Wool Suit by Chappi

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elegancemaison said...

I love your photos and 1950s clothes but I find that the problem with modern figures is that they don't fit the silhouette.

In the '50s women wore 'waspies' or other control underwear. Today's toned women are often not shapely enough for these dresses and have much larger waists. Most of my '50s to '80s dresses are size UK 8 /USA 4 and some from the the 1960s even smaller ( especially the arm holes). I'm interested in your views on this.

Lisa said...

Beautiful! I love 50's clothes.
You couldn't be more right: they are universally flattering.

Great post!

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

I find that some form of waist control is often necessary for younger women in particular. For theater productions, I given performers boned bustiers and it's worked quite well. The spanx type of waist cincher can also work wonders. It's also a question of bodice length, and getting the waist to hit on the right place.