Jul 3, 2013

Is it possible to get enough of the 1920s? Not Really.


We added a lot of new inventory to Past Perfect Vintage yesterday. It was quite a day. I'm going to go a bit out of historical order and show you the 1920s additions first. I'll come back to the Victorian and Edwardian pieces on Friday. I think this is the best cross section of 1920s fashions we've been able to offer in quite a while. Dresses, an evening wrap, hats and purses, all from two private collections. Good 20s and 30s has become quite difficult to find for some time. And then you add the new The Great Gatsby and it's gotten harder. Plus now Downton Abbey is moving into the 1920s! I suspect prices will continue to climb, and good pieces will be ever harder to get. But that's how it goes in the vintage fashion world. Through film and television, eras get rediscovered all the time, then inspire a new generation. 
But I doubt I'll ever get inspired by the 1990s. It's just too much of my adult life. I leave that to the next generation of Vintage lovers. But the 1920s? It's one of my favorite eras.
1920s Black Chiffon Dress with Geometric Ciré Ribbon Appliqué & Czech 1920s Black & Orange Beaded Purse With Gold Frame

 1920s Green Straw Cloche Hat with Felt Flowers 
& 1920s Beautiful Black Velvet Cloche Hat with Metallic Flowers

1920s Blue & Copper Cut Velvet Chiffon Dress Set &
1920s Camel Georgette Caped Evening Coat with Persian Lamb by Milgrim
 1920s Cream Silk Satin Beaded Purse with Black & Turquoise & French 1920s Oyster & Gold Lame Brocade Egyptian Revival Purse with Turquoise Beads

 1920s Lavender Straw Cloche with Braid Work and Ribbons

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