Jul 6, 2013

Bustles, and Vests and Hats, Oh My!


It's such a treat here to get to handle wonderful antique fashions. I never get tired of beautiful things, whether it's the construction, the fabric or the color. Getting to enjoy the reminders of the past and experience them is what has kept me going in this business for 21 years. I am glad I enjoy this. So many of the sellers I knew when I came into this business are gone now. Much less the shops and antique malls that have come and gone! So when a really nice lot walked in last month from a private collector who we have been working, it made my day. He promised it would be almost all 1920s or older and in good condition. And he did not disappoint. Well, there's one Oleg Cassini dress, but that's fine.   

So, here they all are.    

1876 Victorian Taupe Silk Promenade Dress with Matching Jacket (not shown)

 1850s Mid 19th Century Cut Velvet Men’s  Vest & 19th Century Men's Ottoman Green Velvet Vest with Gold Passementerie  

1890s Victorian Amazing Golden Bird Hat in Cellophane Straw with Gold Poppies  

1910s Edwardian Beaded Purse in Red, Blue and Yellow with Filigree Frame  
1910s Edwardian Net, Lace and Damask Evening Dress in Gold and Orange & 1910s Embroidered Edwardian Black Wool Jacket with Vestee by NY Dressmaker

1 comment:

Lisa said...

WOW! These pieces are exquisite!

When I look at them I marvel at the thought that people wore these items every day....so much has changed in 100 years...