Jun 23, 2013

One Hundred Years of Ladies Hair Combs


I decided to follow up the fan montage post with the even more epic " Hair Combs I Have Known".
This is almost, but not quite all, the hair combs and pins I collected over the years. A few aren't here, but just a few. Most of these are celluloid, although tortoiseshell and horn represented too.The dates run from 1820s to the 1920s.  I wish I could say there was some over riding theme to the collection, but really, I just bought combs I liked. It was good if they had stones, but not required. I did have several pairs of  combs that were the same designs in different colors. 
 Mid 19th C. Victorian to 1910s Edwardian combs in black and ivory celluloid, with one mother of pearl  and horn, and one rubber with jet beads. 

 Victorian to Art Deco colored celluloid combs with stones, with one Japanese metal hair pin and one Chinese metal trembler hair pin with semi-precious stones and kingfisher feathers. 

 Assortment of 1820s - 1920s tortoiseshell, horn and celluloid combs.

To see photos full size, click on the image, then right click and select View Image. The click again to get the plus or minus sign and you can see these full size for detail.

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Unknown said...

Does anyone know of a artist or jewelry maker that make art Nouveau Haircomb reproductions!