Jun 19, 2013

A Small Appreciation of Collecting


Victorian and Edwardian Folding Fans. I used to collect them. I could pack up enough of them in a box to call a collection and still travel. I have collected many things, from coins and glass paperweights and Rookwood pottery to celluloid hair combs, beaded purses and modern art pottery. 
We were raised to be collectors by parents willing to commit to the space required. I am a big fan of teaching children to collect. Insects, coins, cards - it almost doesn't matter what.  It makes for an interesting and full life. And now I am down to one last folding fan, as I am in a many years process of simplifying. 
Some were carved, some weren't. There were cardboard, painted wood, ebony,ivory, celluloid, tortoiseshell and mother of pearl. There were painted paper,silk satin and chiffon, Chantilly and Battenberg lace, silk satin, ostrich plumes, glitter, and sequins. And the great news is that they have all gone to appreciative homes.

Here's my photo tribute to a few of the possessions that enriched my space with color, texture and beauty. 

I hope you enjoy them,too!

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