Jun 5, 2013

1960s Variety Pack


It's so tempting to sum up the fashions of a decades as one look, and in a phrase - "hems got shorter, waist went higher."  I am as guilty as anyone. Yes,certainly there were themes and silhouettes that ran true through fashion in every period. But teens age girls don't wear what married 30 year old women wear, and they don't wear what 60 year olds wear. And that's just  age differences. Add in geography, body type, social status and context, financial wherewithal, religious attitudes, and simple personal preference, and the variety of clothing in a given time span can be astounding. 
Today, the range of looks that qualify as 'age appropriate' is much wider than in the 1940s - 60s, but it's still a factor.
 I just added these four dresses to the 1960s - 70s section at Past Perfect Vintage. And I doubt very much the same woman would have worn any of them. The pale blue linen Lanz - a young woman, even a 17 - 18 year old in the summer for a dressy dinner or movie. The navy blue - a everyday dress for a young mother that could go up or down ( my mother would have loved this then, navy blue was considered very slimming). The Carnival abstract print - now that would be a woman, maybe a business woman? in her 30s - 40s. More sophisticated  and dressy - a suit for dinner, drinks, that sort of thing. The sleeveless bodice would take it to evening. And the Calabash House dress? A patio party dress for a very up-to-date young wife or mom. 
 1960s Pale Blue Embroidered Linen Vintage Dress SZ XS and1960s Navy Blue Linen Look Rayon Coat Dress by Kay Windsor SZ 10-12
  1960s Dress and Jacket Set in Grey & White Abstract Print  Sz M/L & 1960s Bold Hawaiian Tropical Print Cotton Maxi Dress Sz S 

all currently available at http:pastperfectvintage.com

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