May 28, 2013

Our Ability to Accessorize


"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize" . Thank you, Robert Harling. Accessories are still a big deal  - look at the prices on the trendy shoes and purses of the moment. Hats, not so much now, but you never know. Princess Diana brought hats back to the fore, and fascinators are certainly resurrecting the idea of wearing something on the head that isn't a ball cap or a stocking cap.So in that spirit, let's take a look at our latest offerings. 

  1910s Teens Black Velvet and Old Gold Lace Vintage Hat 
The metallic lace crown and mauve and taupe velvet flowers are what give this hat character. 

 1940s Vintage Reptile Alligator Sling Back Shoes Sz 7
A good example of every day 1940s shoes - moderate heel, open toe, sling back. Great with skirts then, or pants now. The use of reptile skin was popular during World War II as it wasn't rationed the way leather was. 

 1950s Vintage Blue Mauve and Cream Layered Straw Hat
We have had this label before and it's always interesting. The straw is tri-color with an accordion structure. A neat effect that brings design interest to a simple shape.

Outstanding Orange Fur Felt 1950 Hat with Bird by  
Suzy et Paulette 
A killer combination of brilliant color, size, silhouette and decor, this hat was intended to get attention.

 1960s High Style  Mod Gold Lame Cloche Hat by Dior
Even  Dior did sleek Space Age.But they added bling in the form of rhinestone buttons . Are they faux earrings? Or the hinge on the helmet? 

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