Mar 23, 2013

Is it Spring yet?

It's still wintry here with cold temps, and a forecast for snow. Yes, snow! The daffodils are going to be crispy frozen.The ground is mud, so that won't get any better.  So that makes it even more important to take a look at fresh greens and lightweight fabrics. Because it will get warmer. It really will. And we can strike the woolens and sweaters from our daily wardrobe at long last and get out some colors and florals and lace and white and pink and........spring.  

 1930s Vintage Blue Lace 2 pc Dress and Jacket Set &
1950s Vintage Green Floral Print Organza Dress

Vintage 1950s Black and White Check Summer Suit Set &   
 Charming 1950s White and Red Floral Strapless Organza Dress  

1950s Black & White Embroidered Cotton Summer Skirt Set
&1950s Vintage White Embroidered Eyelet Formal Dress

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