Feb 19, 2013

Don Giovanni: AKA Where I Have Been


Well at very long last, I return to the blog. It's been very busy here. First, there was lots of fun and family for 5 weeks over the holidays. Then, an opera costume design project in January and February, Don Giovanni for the Kentucky Opera. We opened and closed last week, and I would have shared images of my renderings before hand, but the concept was a bit of a surprise for the audience and I didn't want to tip our hand. Don Giovanni is generally designed in the era it was written, the late 18th Century. This production was placed in the late 1940s, early 1950s within the world of film noir, a brilliant concept by director Kristine McIntyre. With Sets by Eric Allgeier, and Lighting by Connie Yun. It was all black, white and grey with a very pops of color. And as it intersects at Costume Design and Vintage Clothing, right up my alley. 
Because my designs were heavily influenced by period fashion and pieces of vintage clothing I have handled, I'll be sharing some of the ladies' designs over the next few posts. 

Here's the 3 looks for Dona Anna, whom Giovanni attempts to rape, and then kills her father.

 Act 1, sc 1 silk and lace nightgown for the assault scene, inspired by a 1940s advert.
Act 1 and 2, black moire dress inspired by a Ceil Chapman dress, with black velvet gloves and hat and mourning  necklace on velvet ribbon.

Act 1, black brocade Masker cloak,with mask, tiara and satin gloves, cape inspired by Balenciaga

For a lot more on the production:


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