Dec 19, 2012

Don't Forget Your Warm Winter Knits


It's turned cold here, and about to turn a lot colder. They are calling for a very cold Christmas. I've been living in warm knits for a while now. Some vintage, some not. But my favorites are still my 1950s sweaters. Having lived through the 60s, we just didn't have enough knitwear options then. That's one good thing about the modern era! So many comfy choices. 

So it's a good time to consider a few more options - winter is far from over.   
 1950s Pastel Blue Beaded Vintage Cardigan Sweater  M
 1950s Embroidered Watermelon Cardigan Sweater SZ M/L

 1960s Goldworm Black Wool and Multi Colored Stripe Dress Set  Sz S

 1950s  - 60s Hadley Camel Hair Cardigan Sweater with Appliqué Ducks SZ M/L

All now available at

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