Dec 27, 2012

Are Suits Getting Hot Again?


We have seen an uptake in vintage suit sales this year. I find this fascinating. I am a fan of suits, of course. Fine tailoring techniques make the stitcher/draper in me happy. And of course I am in favor of suit components worn as separates. Vintage suits are great for this. Far better than modern ones, as the parts can stand alone in a way most modern suit jackets and skirts just look lost without the other. I think it's the better quality fabrics and the nifty details.
 But given that as a society, the move in clothing has been to the more and more casual for the last 3 decades, I am a bit puzzled. Can it be that at least some women out there are tired of dressing down for every event? That we may see a welcome, even if small, resurgence of skirts? If so, can every day dresses be far behind?

We can only hope.

In that spirit, here are 3 of our latest suit additions to Past Perfect Vintage.


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ian drummond said...

I hope skirt suits are coming back into fashion- I have broken up so many suits over the last few years to sell the jackets. I get as much for the jacket as the set but the purist in me doesn't like doing it.
I'm thinking of making all those skirts into pillows.