Nov 5, 2012

Summer fashions, July 21, 1932

 Well at long last, after a successful opera opening, we are ready to return to the world of blogging. I was given a lot of great old newspaper bits and pieces recently by a friend who knows I am interested in the history of local stores.  These are from the Louisville Times edition of July 21, 1932. There’s nothing like a dated newspaper ad to narrow a style date down, is there? The dress pattern ad is very standard style for the time - a trim wrap dress with a natural waist, cap sleeves and a long length. For those who like to say "everyone was so thin back then", I will point out this pattern was available in up a 42 inch bust. Available through the Louisville Times Pattern department, it retailed for all of 15 cents.

As to the lead fashion illustration - much more up to date for the time in both drawing style and design. What I find amazing is that in 1932, in the depths of the Depression, the Louisville Times kept a fashion reporter on the payroll in New York. The bathing suit is described as dark with white shade hat, white belt and striped beach bag. The bathing cap, or Coiffure Cap,  is treated to look like a waved hairstyle.

One thing that certainly has changed, for the better I think, is the idea that fashion and hairstyles were described as 'amusing'. That’s just not a adjective that would ever be used today. The only designs I can think of as amusing in the last decade or two would be the very ironic works of Moschino.

Of course, the afternoon Louisville Times is long gone, taking their pattern department and New York Correspondent with them. Also their Sunday supplement, their theatre critic, and a number other features that were worthwhile.  

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