Nov 10, 2012

Back to Work at Long Last

It's been a busy autumn at Past Perfect Vintage. We had a great a shopping run through the Northeast, then came home to a time intensive costume project in opera. It was great, it was successful and now it's done. So the break is over, and we have added a lot of new inventory to Past Perfect Vintage this week. Let's look at some of the older fashions up now.  

First, a lovely, light wedding dress set from 1899- 1900 in a cream cotton with silk satin ribbons trim. This dress has the slimmer sleeves and slimmed down skirt that came after the Melon and Leg o' Mutton sleeves of the mid 1890s.But the collar stayed very high - this one is separate and stiffened to hold the shape better. There are tucks and ruffles and lace insets to highlight the texture variation of the cotton and satin.

 c. 1899 - 1900 Cotton Victorian Wedding Dress with Silk Ribbons

Next, a black silk satin batwing style opera coat form the late Teens, or very early 20s, with large Irish Crochet lace collar and cuffs. The lace is underlined with pink silk satin and edged with black velvet ribbon. The lining is the pink silk satin. It's bold and loose in fit and a striking coat. The purse has a hinged celluloid frame, machine embroidered body in black, blue and metallic gold.

1910s Black & Pink Silk Satin Batwing Coat with Irish Crochet Lace Collar & Cuffs and Art Nouveau Embroidered Edwardian Purse with Celluloid Frame

And last, a 1920s green silk satin dress with wonderful shirring and a 1920s horsehair cloche. The dress has a faux vest line, with an asymmetric front, shirring at the hip line, and a very full front skirt with more dense shirring. The hat is an unlined summer cloche in horsehair lace and braid with a swirled cockade.

1920s Draped Green Silk Satin Flapper Dress and 1920s Ivory Horsehair Bobbin Lace & Braid Cloche 

As always, just click on the photos  for more information. 

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