Oct 9, 2012

Ruminations and Party Dresses

The 1950s saw a real blossoming of the grand party dress before the 1960s and 70s swept away so much of the concept of formal dressing. A trend that continues unabated till this very day. Just this weekend the local newspaper had quite the piece on how variable the interpretations of 'black tie' had become for local formal events. We have become adept at dressing down almost any event to the level of a casual knit top and slacks. And it's a shame. Don't get me too wrong. I love comfort, and high heels give me pains. But sometimes I long for the sense of occasion that comes from dressing for an event. I don't need to see my banker in jeans, or wedding guests in ball caps and dirty bibs. And yes, I have seen that. One of my more recent goals is to put more thought and effort into dressing when I leave the house and to wear a dress when a dress is called for!

That said, as a seller of vintage clothing, I am so often attracted to nice tailoring, that I skip over the big gowns and party dresses. So it's a treat to be able to feature four dresses here from Past Perfect Vintage that leave no doubt that they are Party Dresses! 

 1950s Red Taffeta Evening Gown with Gold Embroidery and 
1950s Beaded Aqua Blue Taffeta Evening Gown By Emma Domb 
 1950s Accordion Pleated Pink & Lavender Floral Party Dress and 1950s Strapless Lemon Yellow Net & Taffeta Evening Dress

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