Sep 18, 2012

In Praise of 1940s and 50s Tailored Suits


  It baffles me just a bit that womenswear has walked away from the tailored suit for everyday wear. It's all part of the continuing move ( slide?) to more a more casual dressing. I understand that. But we may well lose something valuable in that change. Suits can be tailored or lady like, business or cocktail. Even summery. It a wonderful way of dressing. Accessories really play a role, too. Today, it looks like most of our culture sees a woman in a suit, and assumes she is:
A)  An attorney
B)  An accountant
C)  A politician
D)  Overdressed
  This must change. Look at it this way. The tailored look lends variety in the modern casual scene. The jackets are flexible for all the vagaries of temperature from warm outside to over air-condtioned interiors. Or the reverse - adding comfort to a cool day out, yet removable for the warm interior. Skirts can be short or long, straight, pencil, flared or pleated. Jackets can be lined or unlined, menswear inspired or hourglass, or even boxy.
  Why else do I love vintage suits -? The construction skills to make make a good suit are getting rare. Try to sew a bound buttonhole sometime - see how it goes. Or set in a sleeve perfectly. Or worse, set in a welt pocket with flaps. And the quality of vintage fabric - whether wool, rayon or silk, is harder to find.

  We added a group of vintage suits this month, and have more to come in October - including a stunning 1940s Lilli Ann.
Here's a taste:
 1940s Navy Blue Gabardine Jacket Blazer with Dressmaker Details 
 Left: 1950s Wool Tweed Menswear Styled 4 pc Coat, Vest and Skirt Set, and Right: 1950s Sleek Lilli Ann Suit in Midnight Blue Wool

Left: 1950s Hourglass Suit in Vibrant Purple and Blue, and Right: 1950s Cranberry Red Wool Tweed Suit by Davidow


Anonymous said...

I would honestly be happy just for people to stop calling skirts or dresses "fancy." lol

Lisa said...

Oh!! That menswear tweed outfit made me squeal with joy! What an ensemble!