Sep 30, 2012

Caspar Davis, Milliner

Caspar- Davis

A California milliner, Caspar Davis was often mentioned and advertised alongside such artists as G. Howard Hodge and Leslie James.  Caspar Davis received national newspaper coverage form at at least 1941 to 1969. I found two lines mentioned: “Studio Styles” and “Movie Mode”.
Prices ranged from $25 - $45, so these were expensive hats. Caspar Davis used Hollywood studio starlets to model hats for much of their advertising, certainly using the glamor of film to add cachet to the lines.  The Pittsburg Post Gazette in 1941 called Caspar-Davis one of California’s outstanding designers.In 1955, Caspar Davis is credited with hats for the TV series, My Little Margie. 

We just added this 1950s black velour Caspar-Davis to The Hats & Accessories: 


And if you want to see another wonderful Caspar-Davis hat, head on over to

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michelle a said...

just found my first caspar davis hat its adorable.