Aug 7, 2012

Colonials, Victorians, Edwardians and Flappers, Oh My


I haven't written up a 'New at Past Past Vintage' post in weeks. But it was worth waiting for. We are offering a 1770s Silk Open Robe, and separately a 1770s skirt, both shown here, a large size 1900 Black Silk Tea Gown in the Grand Style, a stunning 1904 Wedding Dress and another larger size 1910s White Linen Walking Suit with fine cutwork and embroidery.

 Be sure to click for the larger photos - the details are great. Plus we have two new to the market 1920s cloches, one in black velvet and satin, the other in blue wool felt and ribbon.


And last for today, a late teens, early 1920s Net Lace and Applique Dress over the original slip, straight from the estate.
Past Perfect Vintage: The 20s & 30s

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