Aug 17, 2012

Catching up is Hard To Do

I have not kept up with featuring our new vintage pieces. I am already finished photographing next month's additions! So here is a small potpourri. The 1930s gloves are really lovely. They are by Perrin and are a soft tone pf pink kid with brown accents and ribs. Very ladylike. As was much of 1930s fashion. 
The dresses? The 1950s aqua blue strapless dress by Emma Domb is the kind of big party fashion she was known for with pearls and sequins, bold color, and a dramatic 3-D  front drape. The 1950s sheer floral party dress is very sculptural with accordion pleating over taffeta.The wide midriff defines the shape well. And 1960s black panne velvet  with multicolor brocade bodice continues the figure enhancing them. Even the one day dress - a schoolgirl style plaid with detachable white collar and pleated skirt, has rather a shape to it.

Next time- a bit about Chester Weinberg. 
 1930s Brown Trimmed Pink Kid Gauntlet Gloves  by Perrin

 Lovely 1950s Beaded Aqua Blue Taffeta Evening Gown By Emma Domb &
1950s Accordion Pleated Pink & Lavender Floral Party Dress
 Charming 1950 Blue Plaid Schoolgirl Dress in Viyella &
Curvaceous 1960s Brocade & Velvet Cocktail Dress

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Auntea said...

Thank you so much for photographing all these beautiful clothes. I really enjoy imagining what it would be like to wear them. Wish I was good enough at sewing to reproduce them, or better yet, wish I had someone to do it for me:)