Aug 9, 2012

Building a Vintage Wardrobe - Summer Edtion, Part 2

 This is the second summer dress I acquired recently. I also found 3 winter and fall dresses, but we will have to wait to pull those looks together - it's way too hot still. This 1950s shirtwaist dress is white linen with embroidered yarn figures in a border of palm trees in bright,crisp colors. These bands are framed by rows of openwork. This is departure for me as I don't usually go for anything horizontal, but this was too much fun to leave behind.

Now let's take a minute and note the importance of  tailoring to fit. This dress had been taken in and shortened just a bit. Now it's been let out to fit with ease so it will be comfortable in the heat. Tight clothing is a misery in high heat and humidity. And the hem has been reset for a little it of extra length when sitting. With that work - and it didn't take all that long - I have a great dress that works for me. Tailoring to fit is a wonderful thing. If you don't sew yourself, or don't have the time, please consider creating a working relationship with a local dressmaker who can work with you. Wearing clothing that really fits as it should makes a huge difference in comfort and appearance. And with a good seamstress, the range of possible garments widens considerably.      

That said, I am still working this one out. I have two modern belts that work - one a dressy patent, one a more casual dark purple webbing. For jewelry, I have this great modern red felt hand made brooch that picks up the colors and textures of the embroidery. The purple thermoplastic bracelet is a 1950s piece by Lisner. I may like it better in combination with the red belt. The metal pin is a craft piece from the 1980s and again, calls to the embroidery. I have earrings for either, one pair 1980s, the other 1950s, and will most likely skip a necklace as I like the V of the neckline uninterrupted. But I think this look needs a solid color bangle bracelet or two - perhaps in yellow or purple.

And a perhaps a little cotton cardigan for restaurants where they have the air con set on Arctic. 


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Lisa said...

This dress is so pretty! Perfect for summer. I'm so glad you touched on tailoring in this post. It's so important. Too many people underestimate how a simple nip and tuck in a garment can make a *huge* difference in how your clothes fit and make you look.

As usual! Great post!