Aug 4, 2012

Building a Vintage Wardrobe: Summer Edition!

It is well past time time to add to my vintage wardrobe. I really don't have many summer weight pieces. So I was thrilled to find 2 new summer dresses I liked at Elizabeth's Timeless Attire Summer Sale last week. Here's the first, and I am working out some variations on the theme. 

I believe that mixing periods up is the best way to go with vintage clothing for everyday wear. I don't need to look like I am in costume. But this 1960s set is a challenge. It's linen, which is great for the hot summer, and the print will hide creases. Part of the appeal is that it will work with many of the warm tone accessories I already have. And the color way will go into fall, which is getting warmer and warmer.  BUT - with both pieces on, this a Whole Lot of Floral for someone of my height. i.e., I am short. So I doubt I will wear the jacket and the dress together very often. But as a two garment deal, it can't be beat.
So here it is with the jacket, paired up with a Victorian brooch and 2 bracelets - one modern and one 1980s.I did move the bow closure up - it was hip height, and I cannot do that. One the right - a little tougher look, with a 1950s leather and brass belt, a 1990s copper cuff, my trusty Coach bag and an old gold pin, also 1990s . I like combination a lot, although there's a bit of a Wonder Woman vibe with the belt and cuff combo. But it would go to work or lunch or dinner.   

On the left - a little softer look with artist made brass inlay and wood necklace form the 1980s,a modern woven belt ( came with the dress and jacket) and a modern gold bead bracelet, 1990s bone bracelet a 1950s Lucite purse. On the right, I added the modern brown Calvin Klein sweater and I am good for fall and chilly air conditioning. 
Now I almost passed on this set because I didn't think I'd wear both pieces. Then I realized I could wear it with these modern chinos and a cream tank and I was sold. Since the mix is more modern, I am thinking about the 1950s glass beads and the Lucite purse for this one. With a couple of bangle bracelets  - one bright gold, one hematite grey.  

Let's total it up: 
Victorian Era - brooch
1950s: Purse, belt, necklace
1960s: Dress and Jacket
1970s - none!
1980s: jewelry
1990s: purse, jewelry
2010s: sweater, jewelry, pants, tank top,belt
I think that's a good mix.


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Lisa said...

Beautiful! I love this! Pairing a vintage jacket with jeans or chinos is my favourite fall/winter way to inject some vintage flair into my outfits.