Aug 13, 2012

A Veritable Bevy of Vintage Hats

I know have waxed, if not raved, on here about my love of 1930s- 50s millinery. Especially, my fondness for felt hats of that period. So you can imagine my happiness when we acquired two private collections of vintage hats in the last few months. Some 60 vintage hats from the 1880s - 1950s, with the majority dating from the 1920s - 40s. It's been so many hats, we still haven't gotten them all posted up at Past Perfect. There are at least 10 more to go. But tempting as it was to put them all up right away, I have to remember, people want dress and suits and gowns, too. Woman does not live by hat alone.

The details are what I like so much - the square brass studs, the deep curve of the brown brim, plaid ribbon loops, felt butterflies, and funny little square points. Note that the Carol Brent and the gold NY Creation hats are the same hat base with different trimmings.
I hope some of these can tempt you to add a stylish hat to your fall wardrobe - it's time we brought back great hats.

1938 - 1942 Black Wool Felt Tilt Hat with Studs and 
1930s - 1940s Chocolate Brown Wide Brimmed Portrait Hat by Draper

1940s Brown Felt Hat with Blue Plaid Ribbons and Plumes and
1940s Beige Wool Hat with Ostrich Plumes
1940s Black Felt Hat with Bows by Carol Brent and 
1940s Glowing Gold Felt Hat with Veil a New York Creation

1950s Red Fur Felt Cap Custom Made by Bergdorf Goodman and 
1930s Black Wool Felt Tilt Hat with Gold Ribbon Trims

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