Jul 2, 2012

More 1920s Hats, and a Happy July 2


First up, today is the day the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a Resolution of Independence from Great Britain. This artwork is ca 1910 - rather cool, yes? I think we should call this Resolution Day.

Them, today's pretty hats, courtesy of a private collection and all now available at Past Perfect Vintage. The first three show the variety of crown shape used in 1920s cloches. Some were slightly square at top, some very round and other completely hugged the head. Brims could be small and turned up, wide and dropping or non-existent. Generally speaking, the higher,squarer crown is earlier, the brim can be large or small, but the simpler hat such as the knit would be later in the decade. And last, a very late 30s, early 1940s funnel shaped navy straw with white flowers and evil . A great hat from the period. 
L.  1920s Brown & Grey Deep Crowned Cloche, 
R. 1920s Peach Garden Party Summer Cloche by Mardé
 L. 1920s Green Knit Cloche with Yellow & Black Emblem,
R.  1930s Navy Tilt Hat with White Rose & Veil from NY Creations 

as always, size and price information is available at  Pastperfectvintage.com

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