Jul 18, 2012

bits and pieces, bits and pieces

First up , there's a great new resource for vintage clothing fans at the VFG. Maggie Wilds of denisebrain.com has been the catalyst for an ongoing fabric identification project, and now, after 5 years in the making, the Vintage Fashion Guild Fabric Resource has gone live. It's a great companion to the VFG Label Resource. You can look up a fabric term, you can look up fabric by fiber, by it's look or by it's use. This is  one of the handiest things I've seen in a while for those of us who handle older textiles.

And if you love Vintage eye candy as much as I do, be sure to check out the VFG Decades project, with submissions from the 1900s - 1980s. The 1920 - 29 section is especially nice, if I may say so.  VFG Fashion Parade: The Decades Project: 1920-1929
And my friend Lizzie makes some excellent points about the Olympic Uniforms dustup at her blog, The Vintage Traveler  
And because I couldn't possibly have a blog post without photos of dresses, here are two 1920s dresses we added to the site this month:
left,1920s Brocaded Lamé and Rose Floral Rose Chiffon Party Dress, right
1920s Navy and Gold Ethnic Style Woven Wool Dress


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