Jun 27, 2012

Lulu's Top Ten Vintage Clothing Website Awards (Plus Hats, of course)

It's that time of year:

The Lulu's Vintage People's Choice Top 10 Vintage Clothing Website Awards voting is now open.

Just click on the graphic to vote for us in the comments for the People's Choice. You can list up to 10 of your favorite vintage clothing websites in your comment, but you only get one comment, so use it well!

And now, today's pretty for the hat lovers amongst you: 

 1930s Black Wide Brimmed Straw Hat with White Rosettes  

 1930s Red Straw Hat with Pheasant Aigrette  

1940s Asian Inspired Brown Felt Brimmed Hat

1 comment:

Jullianna B said...

Lovely hats! Like the last one!