Jun 20, 2012

A few Thoughts and new Vintage Fashions


Sometimes in the Vintage Fashion business, we can get too caught up in designer pieces and their labels. There are those who feel important designers of the 20th Century are the only thing worth buying. Now if you are buying investment grade only, then a case for that approach could be made. But of the vintage fashions I have personally acquired over the years, it wasn't the designer labels that had the highest return when it came time to part with them.
I'm just sayin': buy what you like in the best quality and condition you can. Labels are fun to find and even hunt for, but they don't have to be the be-all and end-all of the business. Each designer's work comes in and out of favor, even in vintage. But well designed, even if anonymous, pieces of good quality and condition will always be of interest.
In that vein, we did not add any major names designers to the website this month. But we do show some very nice vintage fashions. 

To whit:
A really pretty c. 1860 Victorian Gauze Print Dress with Plaid Ribbons:

1950s Black Gauze and Lace Evening Dress, from the old Louisville store Jenny Lind:

1914 Teens Cream Silk, Net and Lace Wedding Dress with Hobble Style Skirt:

all currently available at pastperfectvintage .com

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BetterDressesVintage said...

Could not agree more! Some of the most beautifully designed and constructed pieces I've had were made by anonymous or unknown names. These were somehow more endearing -- knowing someone had all that talent and skill, but no fame or recognition to go with it. Their works are labors of love.