May 11, 2012

Be Green While Wearing White


There's been a lot of coverage of designer wedding dresses lately. It is may, so that is to be expected. Lots of satin, lots of lace, still lots of strapless neckline, although there is a positive trend toward actual necklines, and even sleeves thank to a Royal Wedding. But  there is unexplored territory for the bride out there: Vintage. And not just actual vintage wedding dresses, but lots of dresses that may not have been intended for a wedding in their own time, but would be wonderful now, especially for the gal who wants something a bit different. Or wants to be green while wearing white. Or buy a dress they really can wear again. We just added a slew of white dresses to the website, and these would make a wonderful wedding dress. 

From the 1950s:

1950s Full Skirted White Lace Dress from Gay Gibson and 1950s Strapless White Lace Party Dress

 1950s Full Skirted White Eyelet Party Dress

And the 1980s: 
 1980s White Silk Chiffon Dress by Laura Biagiotti  1980s White Silk Jacquard Dress and Jacket by Stavropoulos  

All currently available at Past Perfect Vintage

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