May 10, 2012

Back to the 50s


     At long last, we are back to the blog. And we come back with a lot of great 1950s summer dresses in a rainbow of colors. This is a style I missed the first time around. At least the adult version. Always a bit sad about that. Not quite as sad as missing 1940s gabardine suits, but close, So close. 
This full skirted and fitted bodice dress is back in style. Of course- it's feminine, pretty, comfortable and wearable. I was in the dreaded mall today, shopping to no avail ( when will I learn?) and the best dresses I saw were floral prints very similar in cut to the great blue dress in the first row.
Another lesson, not that we needed one,  that class and style are forever. 
 1950s Ombre Cotton Dress by Kay Windsor & 1950s Blue Floral Print Summer Dress  by Miami Miss

1950s Periwinkle Blue Rayon Day Dress & 1950s Brilliant Green Cotton Party Dress by Suzy Perette
1950s Yellow Rayon & Beige Lace Dress Set & 1950s Ethnic Print Cotton Day Dress  

all currently available at Past Perfect Vintage 

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