Apr 3, 2012

The Twenties are Here

Well, here we are after an extended break. But we weren't lolling about eating bonbons on the beach while we were neglecting our blog duties. Not that there's thing wrong with bonbons or beaches. I would happily eat a bonbon, and beaches are a wonder. But,no - we have been busy here. An opera project, another opera project in development, a bathroom remodel, the attack of the Spring weeds, a short vacation trip, and of course, the NCAA Final Four. It takes a toll!
And yet, we did manage to add 30 vintage dresses and hats to the Past Perfect and are adding daily to the Etsy shop. This is as nice a group of 1920s dresses as we have posted up at one time - take a look! The prints are extra special.

1920s Black Velvet Flapper Dress with the Best Buckle 
1920s  Black Silk Taffeta and Salmon Knit Party Dress
1920s Boldly Printed Floral Chiffon Dress 
1920s Crepe Dress in Beige, Blue and Orange
 1920s Yellow, Black and Blue Art Deco Print Cotton Day Dress   

all available at Past Perfect Vintage 

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