Apr 7, 2012

I'm Seeing Blue

What is it about blue? My Blue Heaven, Blue Velvet,  Blue Suede Shoes, Am I Blue, Blue Skies,and other songs titles ad infinitum. And that's not even counting the patriotic songs or  the use of 'Blues' as a genre.It's a favorite color for a vast number people. And between the sky and the seas, it's a universal background to life.
So I bring you the April tribute to Blue, Vintage style.     

First, two variations on a recurring theme of aqua tones with feminine details in a contrasting white. Left, a 1920 Blue Organza Summer Dress with sheer layered skirt, ruffles and creamy lace inset, and right, an Aqua Blue Linen Dress Set By Doris Dodson, a late 1940s to early 1950s linen set with white machine embroidered flowers and white rose buttons.

 And then, the perennial floral.Left, a bold cotton 1950s Tropical Print Bombshell Dress by Alix of Miami  with fitted bodice, and right,a Late 1950s Sherbet Toned Silk Floral Print Dress in soft silk with muted background with a soft cowl neckline, slim skirt and cord belt.

All dresses available at Past Perfect Vintage The Victorians & Edwardians and The 40s & 50s

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