Feb 4, 2012

We Have Brought The Pretty

Our blog posts have thinned down due to an opera project (The Merry Widow for the KY Opera Association, opening Feb. 17!) and will therefore be sparse for just a while longer. But we just updated the Past Perfect Vintage website with some pretty, pretty things and we couldn't postpone showing off  The Pretty, aka the Eye Candy. 

We have a really nice group of Victorian and Edwardian pieces added, plus some great hats we will feature next time.  

L. Victorian Brown Plaid 1870s Day Dress or Wrapper, R. 1890s Victorian Voided Purple Velvet Bodice  

L. 1910 Edwardian Silk Gown with Chinese Embroidery, R.1916 - 18 Silk Tulle Wedding Dress Lg Size  

1918- 1924 Straw and Chiffon Floral Hat    

L. 1920s Black and Gold Lame Evening Wrap, R. 1920s Dark Chocolate Brown Velvet Flapper Dress     

L. 1880s Black Straw Bonnet with Flowers, R. 1890s Aesthetic Dress In Cream Satin & Gold Braid with Original Accessories 
all available at Past Perfect Vintage at either  The Victorians & Edwardians or The 20s & 30s


Mary Smith said...

Are any of these for sale?

Mary Smith said...

Are any of these for sale?

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

Mary, these have all sold already. We do have additional Victorian and Edwardian garments for sale at our website: pastperfectvintage.com