Feb 17, 2012

New in February: Vintage Hats

Way back on the 4th, I promised a post on the new hats at Past Perfect Vintage. Now that The Merry Widow at the KY Opera Association is opening tonight, I can at long last deliver a post!  And if you're in Louisville, Ky tonight or Sunday - go see the show - it's a wonderful production.

So what did we add to the website in terms of hats? Let's take a look: 
1920s Plumed Black Straw Hat in the Bicorn Style   
This very early 20 hats, is possibly late Teens - could be 1918 - 1923 or so. It's has a stylish asymmetric bicorn inspired shape with a deep crown and detailed surface scrolls.
Striking Pink Straw Jay Thorpe 1940s Hat    
Jay Thorpe was a very 'good' New York ladies store for many years.We haven't handled too many of their garemts and hats, but they were all of high quality and good design. I lave the simple yet very straking lines of this brim. 
1950s Hat of Gold Velvet Leaves    
 I admit 'leaf' hats from the 1950s are pretty common- but how often do you see this rich a color and in velvet? 
1950s Blue and White Pixie Hat     
Navy and white and cute as a bug's ear. There's a bit of turban influence in the crossover front band, but I believe Pixie is winning the style reference battle.

1950s Sleek Natural Straw Cap 1950s 
Classic. The cockade is 3 dimensional and detailed and all this hat needs with that sleek profile. 

Golden Olive Straw Beehive Turban  by Lilly Dache
The color is rich, the surface is textural and the silhouette is dramatic. Gorgeous hat and not for the faint of heart.

For more detail, photos and prices click: Past Perfect Vintage: The Hats and Accessories

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Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

the pixie hat is my fav! SO adorable!!