Jan 8, 2012

Vintage Clip Art? Oh my.

There's nothing like re-discovering a book long lost on the shelves. Strong's Book of Designs just came back up to the surface, and I have plans for this. It's a great little volume, essentially a style guide and a commercial clip art source, printed in 1917. Nothing but pages and pages of period 1917 commercial poster and advertising art, in pen and ink, airbrush,and even full color. Loads of ribbons, posters, cards and usable single motifs. Plus a few fonts in the back.  And trust me, the holiday themed designs will be making future appearances.
Here's just two to tide you over.
 The Girls Mystic Club Annual Doings? B There Kid
 Oh, I would so be there!
1917 motif sampler
The detail is glorious & I must find a use for that central M.

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