Jan 22, 2012

Madame Glover, Dressmaker

Many of our readers are already familiar with my obsession with local dressmaker and manufacturer labels and stores. In a recent large acquisition there were two examples of a well known local dressmaker, so I was thrilled. Here's a bit about Madame Glover.  

Madame Annie Glover 

    Annie Casey Glover (1861- 1947)was a very well known dressmaker in Louisville in her day.  Born in Ireland, she came to the US in 1876 according to the Encyclopedia of Louisville. She came to notice in the dressmaking department of Sharpe and Middleton’s New York Store, best know on later years as Stewart’s Dry Goods. Known for her bridal trousseau, she opened her own establishment on 4th St. in 1891.  There she become quite successful, dressing ladies from not only the Louisville area, but around the country. The Breckinridge News of March 21,1894 notes a local lady going to Mde Glovers in Louisville, so a trip to her establishment was noteworthy in the smaller cites and towns in the general area. The Feb 13, 1904 KY Irish American mentions her spacious rooms and workrooms at the Tyler Building  on Market St. Madame Glover retired in 1912, and died in New York City ins 1947.  Writing in 1947, Isabel M. McMeekin in Louisville the Gateway City refers to her brother " Mr. Willie" as a designer as well. 

c. 1909 - 1910 Black Silk Crepe de Chine Evening Dress with Chinese embroidery, scalloped over skirt and net sleeves, by Madame Glover, coming soon to Past Perfect Vintage.com

 This c. 1905 Irish Lace Coat by Madame Glover sold at Augusta Auctions in 2011


Amber said...

Gorgeous! I'm so excited that I found your blog through the VFT Etsy page. I'm always curious about local/regional dress makers and look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I, too, came over from VFT and am so happy to find you. I am swooning over these photos-thanks for posting! Mary Crabtree

Lizzie - The Vintage Traveler said...

I really wish every city would document these wonderful dressmakers who attempted to bring style and glamour to places like Louisville and Charlotte and Denver. And would their stories make a fantastic book?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I happened to stumble across your blog while doing research for a Gilded Age exhibit at the Frazier History Museum and thought you might want to know that we currently have six Madame Glover dresses on exhibit from now until February 1st in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous; Art, Fashion and Luxury in the Gilded Age.