Dec 22, 2011

Now Let's Look at Some 20s and 30s

I promised a post on our new 1920s and 30s  dresses two posts ago. I have been remiss and I apologize. I am behind enough that three of the December additions have already sold. But do not be sad - there are more to come in January. But today, let's look at one of the prettiest and most complex 1920s/30s chiffon dresses yet.  
 Glorious 1920s Print Silk Chiffon Dress in Pink, Black and Ivory 

This lovely, lovely dress is a pink, grey, black and ivory chiffon print with a long column line and more swags and over skirts than I can quite describe. And there over skirts are anchored by appliques and fabric flowers in a matching silk taffeta print. One of the marvelous things about this dress is that the slim column of the slip and under dress keep all those flared swags under control, so there is always a controlled center to the movement of the dress. 

Fabulous 1930s Cream Chiffon and Black Velvet Dress Lg Sz 
The workmanship on this dress is superb. The bodice is a cream chiffon over silk with black silk velvet appliques and cordwork scrolling  along the join. The skirt and lower sleeves are the same incredibly soft and drapey velvet. A great find in a larger size. 

Dramatic Vintage 1930s Black Crepe with Fur Evening Dress
It was a tough choice between using the front or the back of this dress for the thumbnail photos. The back won. How could it not? A dramatic low back with a high front neckline is always a great look. This dress is a 1930s black crepe with long, long scrunched sleeves, a figure defining skirt on the bias, and a grand deep ivory cowl neckline edged in white rabbit fur. There's a  hint of a medieval chatelaine to the style, yes? 

 Sharp 1940s Black Crepe Polly Preston Blouse
Now this isn't a 30s blouse, it's a 40s. It's not always about the year, sometimes it's about the look. A chic little black crepe dressy over blouse is always appropriate both in this post and in life. The asymmetrical hemline and the accordion pleated ruffles are great details, as are the shaped half belt and the draped neckline. With pants? Yes. With a pencil skirt? Oh yes. With a flared skirt? Yes, indeed!

For details: Past Perfect Vintage: The 20s & 30s or The 40s & 50s

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