Dec 4, 2011

New Pretties in December? Oh yes.

In our largest monthly updates yet, we just added some 31 vintage and antique pieces at Past Perfect Vintage, covering a 140 year span. Not bad, I think. 
Today let's look at the Victorian and Edwardian pieces. We are showing an 1840s print cotton wrapper/house dress, an 1860s brown silk damask 2 piece dress, an 1870s to early 1880s natural silk 2 piece bustle dress with wonderful buttons and silk fringe in the polonaise style, an 1910s cocoon coat in black with wonderful buckle, a 1910 blue velvet evening cape, and a 1910s cotton print dress in a nifty pattern. These are all from a private collector that focused on textures and prints - and there are many more to come. Next time, I 'll show you the 1920s and 30s pieces!   

all now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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