Nov 17, 2011

A November Potpourri

We certainly added a lot of new inventory to both Past Perfect Vintage and Past Perfect, the Etsy Division this month. I already featured the Victorian through 1930s pieces here, so now it's time for a potpourri showing.
Can we see a theme here? Let's try. 

 L., Grey 1950 Bernhard Altmann Cashmere Pullover, R. 1950s Striped Wool Suit by Irene

L. Morris Moskowitz Purple Silk Evening Purse, R. Saks 5th Ave Black Crepe 1960s Evening Dress
Two Nina Raynor 1980s Dresses: L. Red Cotton Pique Dress with Black Tassels & 
R. Winter White Wool Coat Dress

I see it. 

It's all fine quality construction with good labels, that were by no means inexpensive in their day. Actually, all were high end ready to wear in cashmere, wool, silk, and a good rayon crepe. With nary a bit o' polyester....  In other words, the kind of quality available in Vintage Fashion for remarkable prices compared to modern clothing of the same caliber.

An by the way - to counter the perception that all vintage clothing is tiny -  the Irene suit and the Nina Raynor dresses are all at least a 40" bust. 

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Lizzie - The Vintage traveler said...

Vintage clothing is such an incredible value. It's hard to get cashmere like that today at any price!