Nov 7, 2011

It's Monday. Eye Candy of the Galanos Variety is Needed

A friend who knows I like this sort of thing, just brought me these San Francisco Examiner clippings. Both of these are 1957, and feature early work from James Galanos. Some time ago, we handled a red chiffon Galanos dress from this era, and I am delighted to note that it had an identical back treatment to the top illustration. These are both glorious dresses, with bouffant skirts and show the  kind of volume Mr. Galanos used with such assurance.

 I. Magnin ad with informal showing times for the collection and dress price - $395 in 1957. 

Printed Lace Ball Gown by James Galanos from fashion article, 1957 S.F. Examiner, with red and yellow roses and jet trimmed bodice 

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