Nov 23, 2011

Get Your Airline Tickets: 2 Vintage Fashion Auctions


We have been to a few of these sales in our time. They are quite the experience, and one I recommend. Getting to see this much quality vintage fashion in one room at one time is exhilarating. Getting to inspect these garments in person and up close is an education in design construction and history. Plus, just being in the room when the bidding is happening is exciting. And for those of us who live and work in areas that don't quite 'get' all this, it's mighty fine just to be in the room with others would do.The racks and shelves are well stocked, or we would be making travel plans in a big way.

I'd be thrilled to just see it all. Much less have the chance to bid. It's a fabulous selection of Vintage fashion, from 18th Century to modern. Here's one of the highlights:

Elizabeth Taylor's Balenciaga couture gold figured cloqué silk sari gown, Autumn-Winter, 1964, labeled and numbered 92934, photo courtesy Kerry Taylor Auctions

A full complement of designers seem to be in attendance! Scaasi, Norell, Trigere, YSL, Chanel , Balenciaga, Courreges, Cardin........But as I am a sucker for a graphic black and white combination: 

An Oscar de la Renta White Silk Evening Gown,
with black ruffle appliques throughout. Labeled: Oscar de la Renta, photo courtesy Leslie Hindman Auctions

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